One of the more challenging aspects of reconstructive plastic surgery is to create a beautiful breast – from scratch. Doing so requires the application of modern technologies and techniques founded in centuries-old tenets of reconstruction, and combining them with the artistic standards of aesthetic surgery. Conversely, elective cosmetic surgery is based on the foundation of reconstructive procedures: to achieve optimal cosmetic outcomes, it is crucial to apply the basic principles of reconstruction. In this field, art and science are synergistic and inseparable.

As an expression and extension of this philosophy, Project Reconstructed was born. Reconstructed sought to empower women battling breast cancer to manifest one aspect of uniting science and art. Reconstructed Deconstructed was created to break down and explain the surgical procedures behind the photographical artwork. This undertaking welcomed collaboration with artists across fields: photographers, videographers, fashion and graphic designers, animators, painters, narrators, musicians, and more.

Through this process grew a body of work, at the heart of which lies the imperfect marriage of science and art: at the intersect of which we all exist, are all different, and all have our unique way of expressing ourselves, our challenges, and our triumphs.


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